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Personal Transformation

Many of us face a common dilemma in life:  a vicious circle running in reverse.  We rarely take the time or have the know-how to examine our lives deeply; most of us are just not introspective enough to do so.  In addition, we may lack the clarity of well-grounded values, a mission, a vision, and clear goals.  Then, too, we impose on ourselves unrelenting time pressures and inappropriate and destructive emotional responses to half-understood stimuli.  These factors all reinforce each other in negative ways, resulting in increasing levels of stress and frustration within.  How can it be different?

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By intervening to analyze your life, create your life plan, reallocate your time, and redefine your responses to everyday events, you can reverse the negative, “vicious circle” and replace it with a “virtuous growth cycle”, one that continuously builds personal strength.  The ultimate, achievable goal is a life of harmony, fulfillment, contentment, and inner joy.  And, most importantly, it’s about a life of balance – the alignment of your actions and use of your time with your true personal values and life purpose.

Transform Stress Into Strength
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