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Help - My Life’s Out of Control !

It’s a common lament – an increasing frustration. You’re frazzled by the frantic pace. Your “to do list” is about to do you in. You can’t catch your breath before more musts and shoulds appear. You’re “all stressed up” and spinning into a vicious, downward spiral. Through my book, I would like to help you halt the madness and set you on a well-charted course to transform stress into strength and reclaim your personal power. You will delve deeply into what causes your discontent and how to change it. I use a blend of well-proven and highly effective tools that pinpoint your values, priorities, and mission. You’ll create a strategic life plan and refocus your time from the “tyranny of the urgent” to the truly important.

Susanne SweenyYou will also learn how to avoid the mental traps that keep you from achieving your dreams and having inner joy. Taking control of your mind and emotions will eliminate the worry that saps your energy and makes you sick. There are a number of typical thinking errors people engage in: like ignoring the positive, exaggerating the negative, and overgeneralizing. It’s not what happens to you that matters but how you react to what happens to you. The ultimate goal is a life of harmony, fulfillment, contentment, and balance. This is a book that you can re-read and re-use at every stage of life; it’s timeless.

It is my sincere hope that you will find this book useful for examining and refocusing your life and that it motivates you to start your own personal journey of renewal - transforming a life of stress into one of strength.

Susanne Sweeny

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